Paradigm and its Guiding Principles

Paradigm Objective & Mission

Paradigm was established to market high quality branded generics and nutraceutical products in Asia, one of the fastest growing regions in the world in healthcare. The company focuses on licensing in products from manufacturers which are accredited by regulatory authorities in the U.S., Canada, Japan and leading European countries. Its nutraceutical products--probiotics to vitamins--are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, tested and validated both in the lab and in clinical studies. While ensuring high quality, the company strives to market its products at the most affordable prices so an increasing number of patients can access them.  

Guiding Principles


From top managment to the ranks of sales and marketing, all colleagues are required to always compliy with the Company's "Business Code of Conduct" ("Orange Book") in their daily conduct of business inside and outside the Company. Colleagues are required periodically to participate in workshops to familiarize themeselves with integiry and ehtical behaviors expected of them in their interactions with healthcare professionals, and are required to confirm their compliance by annually signing the Company's Compliance Notification Notice.


Most dietary supplements--from herbal products to vitamins and minerals to probiotcs--are yet to be subjected to clinical scrutiny given to pharmaceuticals by regulatory authorities. In advancing its mission as a "Complementary Medicines Company," Paradigm markets only the products with active compounds whose benefits are supported by sufficient scientific and clinical evidence. It makes exception for some which although have not been studied clinically but have been in use for centuries.